Archived News

  • Dr. Jie Luo (Soochow University) is visiting our group for one week. (Oct. 2019)


  • Mr. Guanqing Zhang joins our group as a joint-PhD student of HKBU and SUSTech. (Sep. 2019)


  • Mr. Licheng Wang joins our lab as a trainee. He will spend the next three months with us. (Sep. 2019)


  • This August, three students spent a month in our lab as summer exchange students: Yang Tan (Nanjing U), Pengqi Li (HUST), and Dunjian Wang (Soochow U). We thank their wonderful efforts and wish them a bright future! (Aug. 2019)


  • Dr. Susumu Miura, a research manager from Nissan Motors, visits our lab. (May 2019)


  • New blood! Dr. Ze-Guo Chen (PhD KAUST) and Dr. Weiwei Zhu (PhD Tongji University) join our group. (Apr. 2019)


  • Months of efforts have led to a review article on topological acoustics and mechanics. Million thanks to Prof. Meng Xiao and Prof. C. T. Chan for a wonderful collaboration! A reprint is available here (© Springer Nature). (Mar. 2019)

  • We bid farewell to Dr. Xue Jiang, who will join Fudan University as an associate professor. Big thanks for her great efforts in our group! (Mar. 2019)


  • Ms. Weiyuan Tang joins our group. She will spend one year with us as an exchange student. (Feb. 2019)

  • We welcome a group of 8 scientists from LAUM (Le Mans, France) to visit our lab. (Jan. 2019)

  • This week, our lab receives its first visitors: Sir John Pendry, Prof Mathias Fink, and Prof Meng Xiao! (Nov. 2018)


  • Dr. Shiqiao Wu (PhD South China University of Technology) joins our group. (Nov. 2018)


  • Welcome to the new group member: Dr. Xue Jiang (PhD Nanjing University). (Oct. 2018)


  • Dr. Ma travels to Helsinki for the conference of Metamaterials 2018. He delivers an invited talk. He also chairs a session of acoustic metamaterials. (Aug. 2018)


  • We've realized an exceptional point that behaves differently when approached from different directions in its parameter space! Read the latest PRL for more. (Aug. 2018)


  • Another (and much longer) story on our recent work of wavefield shaping for sound on the August 2018 issue of Physics Today! (Aug. 2018)


  • Physics Today reports on our recent work on controlling reverberating sound! (Jun. 2018)


  • Dr. Ma attends ESMC 2018 in Bologna, Italy and delivers an invited talk on elastic metamaterial. (Jul. 2018)


  • Dr. Ma attends META 18 in Marseille, France and delivers a talk titled "Controlling Reverberating Sound with an Acoustic Metasurface". He is also organizing and chairing the special session on acoustic metamaterials. (Jun. 2018) 


  • Reverberating sound field under control! Want a quiet zone? No problem! We can make one just for you anywhere in a room! Read our paper on PNAS to see how! (Jun. 2018)


  • Dr. Ma delivers an invited talk at "IUTAM Symposium of Acoustic/Elastic Metamaterials" hosted by Beijing University of Technology. (Jun. 2018)


  • Dr. Ma attends "Greater Bay Area Symposium of Wave Functional Materials" at Southern University of Science and Technology in Shenzhen, China. He delivered an invited talk on wavefield shaping for reverberating sound. (Jun. 2018)


  • Dr. Ma visits Soochow University, Nanjing University, Tongji University (Shanghai), and Sun Yat-sen University (Guangzhou). He gave invited presentations titled "Novel Ways of Sound Field Control with Acoustic Metamaterials" in all four universities. (May & Jun. 2018)


  • How to exploit absorption to focus better in 3D? Read our latest paper on Nature Physics and find out! (Mar. 2018)


  • Sound vortex with a twist! Our paper on the effect of the geometric phase of a sound vortex in a twisted waveguide is published on Science Advances. (Feb. 2018) 


  • Dr. Ma joins the Department of Physics at Hong Kong Baptist University as an assistant professor. (Feb. 2018)


  • This site is online! (Feb. 2018)