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Dr. Ma is currently a professor at the Department of Physics of Hong Kong Baptist University. He was a postdoc fellow in the Department of Physics and subsequently in Institute for Advanced Study in Hong Kong University of Science and Technology during 2012-2017. His Ph.D. in physics was obtained at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in 2012. His undergraduate times (2003-2007) were spent at The South China University of Technology. Before that, dinosaurs ruled our planet.

Dr. Ma's research is in the field of wave physics. His focus is on acoustic and elastic waves and their functional materials such as metamaterials and phononic crystals. 


Out of the office and lab, Dr. Ma is passionate about a variety of activities. He has been enjoying photography long before he made up his mind to become a physicist. He is an outdoor enthusiast, with a particular dedication to mountaineering, trail running, trekking, and scuba diving. He has obtained the status of National Sportsman of China in Mountaineering (1st grade). On a daily basis, he engages in fitness training which mainly includes running and gym. 

  • Road Running

          Hong Kong Marathon, Hong Kong (42.2km), 03h29m (Feb. 2023);

          Shenzhen Marathon, 03h42m (Dec. 2019);

          Guangzhou Marathon, China, 03h29m (Dec. 2019);

          Hong Kong Marathon, Hong Kong (42.2km), 03h44m (Feb. 2019);
          Guangzhou Marathon, China (42.2km), 0
3h29m (Dec. 2018);

          UNICEF Charity Run, Hong Kong (21.1km), 01h39m (Nov. 2018);

          Guilin International Marathon, China (42.2km), 03h43m (Nov. 2017);

          Hong Kong Marathon, Hong Kong (21.1km), 01h47m (Feb. 2017);

          Singapore Marathon, Singapore (21.1km), 02h03m (Dec. 2016).


  • Trail Running

          Vibram Hong Kong 100 The Half (56km + 2200m), Hong Kong, China, 07h52m (Feb. 2023); 

          Vibram Hong Kong 100 (103km, +5300m), Hong Kong, China, 15h43m (Jan. 2020);

          Kailas Mogan Ultra (70km, +4000m), Zhejiang, China, 11h26m (Nov. 2019);        

          Huangshan Mountain Marathon, China (43km, +2500m), 05h56m (Oct. 2019);          

          Xtrail Wulong, Chongqing, China (50km, +2000m), 06h53m (Apr. 2019);          

          Garmin CH50, Guangzhou, China (50km, +3500m), 09h20m (Mar. 2019);

          Sower Action 12-Hr Challenge, Hong Kong (42km, +1700m), 05h22m (Oct. 2018);

          Mt. Sanqing Skytrail, Jiangxi, China (42km, +2100m),  05h59m (May 2018);

          Jinshanling Great Wall Marathon, Beijing (42km, +1400m), 05h41m (Apr. 2018);

          Oxfam Trailwalker, Hong Kong, Chia (100km, +4800m), 24h08m (Nov. 2013).

  • Mountaineering

          Mt. Zhongshan (6886m), Sichuan, China (Aug. 2022);          

          Muztagh Ata (7546m), Xinjiang, China (Jul. 2019);

          Mt. Yuzhu (6178m), Qinghai, China (Jun. 2019);          

          Mt. Nachma (5588m), Sichuan, China (Jan. 2019);

          Mt. Elbrus (5642m, South route), Russia (Aug. 2018);

          Mt. Kilimanjaro (5895m, Machame route), Tanzania (Jan. 2018);

          Mont Blanc (4807m, Gouter route), France (Jul. 2017);

          Mont Blanc du Tacul (4248m), France (Jun. 2015);

          Grossglockner (3798m), Austria (Sep. 2013);

          Mt. Kinabalu (4098m), Malaysia (Apr. 2013).

  • Diving

          SSI Rescue, ~250 dives (2023). 

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