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Exceptional Structures in Non-Hermitian Systems

Our news

  • Do you know that the energy carried by a wave emitted by a small source can "hesitate" about leaving the source? Read our new paper in PR Applied to see how and why! (Jul. 2021)


  • We report in a new paper in PRL methods to obtain non-Hermitian topological invariants by experimentally performing a stroboscopic holonomy. (Jul. 2021)

  • A collaborative paper on wave manipulations using topological boundary modes is published in Science Bulletin. Congratulations to Ze-Guo and Guanqing! Big thumbs up to Dr. Changqing Xu and Prof. Ying Wu in KAUST for another wonderful joint effort! (May 2021)

  • Two papers for Ze-Guo in one week! This one is on PRL! We demonstrate in an acoustic waveguide array the dynamic pumping of topological boundary states and observe non-adiabatic transition therein. (Feb 2021)

  • Our new paper on PRX is about a topological insulator in 4D hyperspace! 4D topology offers a nice route to achieve interesting properties along edges and at corners in the real space! Congratulations to Ze-Guo! (Jan. 2021)

  • Congratulations to Ms. Tang on the new paper on Science! See how exceptional pathways converge to form a nexus with a multitude of fascinating properties! (Nov. 2020)

  • New blood! A warm welcome to Mr. Xulong Wang and Mr. Qiyuan Wang! The former is a PhD student and the latter is a junior RA. (Nov. 2020)

  • Dr. Wei Wang (PhD Sorbonne University) has joined our group. (Aug. 2020)

  • New paper in PRApplied: see how "imperfect" perturbations can be leveraged for realizing bound states in the continuum in an acoustic cavity array. (Jul. 2020)

  • Topological corner modes appearing in different systems can have subtle differences. We have done some model studies and proposed a possible route to observe these differences. Read our new PRB paper to find out how! (Apr. 2020)

  • See how a double-zero-index material twists and rotates the propagation of sound in all three dimensions while preserving the wavefront in our new PRL paper! Good times collaborating with Prof. Yun Lai and Prof. Ying Wu! (Feb. 2020)

  • Dr. Ma is awarded the first-ever NSFC Excellent Young Scientist (Hong Kong & Macao) grant. (Nov. 2019)