3D Phononic Crystals with Double-Zero Index

Our news

  • Dr. Wei Wang (PhD Sorbonne University) has joined our group. (Aug. 2020)

  • New paper in PRApplied: see how "imperfect" perturbations can be leveraged for realizing bound states in the continuum in an acoustic cavity array. (Jul. 2020)

  • Topological corner modes appearing in different systems can have subtle differences. We have done some model studies and proposed a possible route to observe these differences. Read our new PRB paper to find out how! (Apr. 2020)

  • See how a double-zero-index material twists and rotates the propagation of sound in all three dimensions while preserving the wavefront in our new PRL paper! Good times collaborating with Prof. Yun Lai and Prof. Ying Wu! (Feb. 2020)

  • Dr. Ma is awarded the first-ever NSFC Excellent Young Scientist (Hong Kong & Macao) grant. (Nov. 2019)

  • Dr. Jie Luo (Soochow University) is visiting our group for one week. (Oct. 2019)


  • Mr. Guanqing Zhang joins our group as a joint-PhD student of HKBU and SUSTech. (Sep. 2019)


  • Mr. Licheng Wang joins our lab as a trainee. He will spend the next three months with us. (Sep. 2019)

  • This August, three students spent a month in our lab as summer exchange students: Yang Tan (Nanjing U), Pengqi Li (HUST), and Dunjian Wang (Soochow U). We thank their wonderful efforts and wish them a bright future! (Aug. 2019)

  • Dr. Susumu Miura, a research manager from Nissan Motors, visits our lab. (May 2019)


  • New blood! Dr. Ze-Guo Chen (PhD KAUST) and Dr. Weiwei Zhu (PhD Tongji University) join our group. (Apr. 2019)

  • Months of efforts have led to a review article on topological acoustics and mechanics. Million thanks to Prof. Meng Xiao and Prof. C. T. Chan for a wonderful collaboration! A reprint is available here (© Springer Nature). (Mar. 2019)


  • We bid farewell to Dr. Xue Jiang, who will join Fudan University as an associate professor. Big thanks for her great efforts in our group! (Mar. 2019)


  • Ms. Weiyuan Tang joins our group. She will spend one year with us as an exchange student. (Feb. 2019)