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Our news

  • Members of our group (ZL, DYW, XLW, XMW, MWL, & GCM) participated in PIERS 2024 in Chengdu. (Apr. 2024)

  • Dr. Congwei Lu joins our group from Beijing Normal University. (Mar. 2024)

  • Junjie Lu from Université Côte d'Azur is spending two months with us. (Feb. 2024)

  • New review article on non-Abelian phenomena in light and sound. (Feb. 2024)

  • ​By using reconfigurable metasurfaces to reshape the sound field, we demonstrate crosstalk-free acoustic communications in a complex, reverberating environment for the first time! Learn more in our new paper. Congratulations to Hongkuan and Qiyuan! (Feb. 2024). 

  • New members joining our group: Dr. Zhihua He, Ms. Mingwei Li, and Ms. Jiaying Xu! Welcome aboard! (Dec. 2023)​​

  • We have realized an extended topological mode in acoustics. Congrats to Xulong for his first first-author
    paper! (Oct. 2023)

  • Can long-range interactions be stronger than short-range ones in a material? We use new tricks to achieve this in an acoustic crystal and demonstrate unconventional topological modes. Learn more about it in our new PRL! (Oct. 2023)

  • We relax and rejoice in a group excursion to Hailing Island in Guangdong! See photos. (Sep. 2023)

  • Guanqing has successfully defended his PhD thesis. Congratulations! (Aug. 2023)


  • Mr. Tanguy Delaporte, a student from ESPCI, is spending three months with us as an intern. (May 2023)

  • We show how to improve the quality of focal spots when focusing through random media using spatial wave modulators. There are some interesting findings that surprise us. Find out in our paper on PR Applied. (Mar. 2023)


  • Incoming group member: Xiaoming Wang from South China Normal University. (Jan. 2023) 




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