Our news

  • ​By taking advantage of non-Hermitian topology, we demonstrate the compete set of permutations in a non-Abelian D3 group. Read about it in our new paper on National Science Review. (Jan. 2022)

  • We report the successful realization of non-Abelian braiding and quantum-logic operations in acoustics in a new paper on Nature Physics! And it comes with a nice piece of commentary! (Dec. 2021)

  • Congrats to Dr. Wei Wang on his first PRL, reporting a new type of 3D hybrid topological phase in synthetic-reciprocal space. (Nov. 2021)

  • A new member joins our team: Dr. Zhen Li from Xi'an Jiao Tong University! (Nov. 2021)

  • In this collaborative work with Dr. Shubo Wang, we show how structured sound can mimic elastic waves by displaying not only shear response but also "micro-rotation" degrees of freedom. Kudos to Guanqing for performing the experiments! Read our paper on Nature Communications! (Oct. 2021)

  • It is well-known that topological edge states can guide waves to propagate alone edges. In our new paper in
    PR Applied, we show that they can also guide waves in the direction perpendicular to the edge, and even achieve negative refraction! (Oct. 2021)

  • Do you know that the energy carried by a wave emitted by a small source can "hesitate" about leaving the source? Read our new paper in PR Applied to see how and why! (Jul. 2021)


  • We report in a new paper in PRL methods to obtain non-Hermitian winding numbers associated with eigenvalues and eigenvectors by experimentally performing a stroboscopic holonomy. (Jul. 2021)

  • A collaborative paper on wave manipulations using topological boundary modes is published in Science Bulletin. Congratulations to Ze-Guo and Guanqing! Big thumbs up to Dr. Changqing Xu and Prof. Ying Wu in KAUST for another wonderful joint effort! (May 2021)

  • Two papers for Ze-Guo in one week! This one is on PRL! We demonstrate in an acoustic waveguide array the dynamic pumping of topological boundary states and observe non-adiabatic transition therein. (Feb 2021)

  • Our new paper on PRX is about a topological insulator in 4D hyperspace! 4D topology offers a nice route to achieve interesting properties along edges and at corners in the real space! Congratulations to Ze-Guo! (Jan. 2021)